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You’re on this page for one of two reasons.

1) You’re curious about what you can sell your current multifamily property for in this market… so you can decide if you even want to entertain selling it at all.


2) You’re just worn out with owning apartments and maybe have been through the ringer with your multi-family property over the years and would love to see if there’s a way you can eliminate having to deal with those endless repairs, bad tenants, differed maintenance, and evictions… without taking a big capital gains tax hit when you sell.

Either way, we’d love to chat with you.

We’re Currently Buying All Types Of  MultiFamily Assets In Your Area Especially Those Investments With Some Challenges

My naIMG_0136me is T. Argerous Filosofos and  I founded TAF Group LLC… as a privately funded Real Estate Investing Company, way back in 1974.  Actually I started out as a General Contractor and over time realized that buying multiFamily investments and helping others work thru their problems, was more gratifying than building them!

Over the years our main focus has been single and multi-family assets here in your area… but we’re looking to expand and make some additional multifamily investments in and around the city, especially in Warren and Butler Counties.

So we’ve been connecting with duplex to small (up to 50 units) apartment owners from all over the  area this past year and have met all kinds of investors.

They seem to fall into one of these 3 categories…

The Curious:  Those that are quite happy with their rental property, but curious as to what we’d be willing to buy their property for.

The Tired:  Many we’ve met bought the apartment building years ago, but just aren’t excited about it anymore. Troublesome tenants, repairs, high vacancies, endless maintenance issues, evictions… you name it… have worn them down and they’d just rather collect an income stream than deal with what it takes to run an apartment building.

The “Re-Tired”:  Those owners who have high equity in their rental properties (maybe even fully paid off) because they’ve owned the building so long. They still enjoy owning the properties, but are now retired and they’d honestly rather collect the income each month than deal with the rest of the “apartment building hassles” and the risk that goes along with it.

No matter which group you fall into… if the property fits what we’re looking for (area, terms, etc.) we can buy your small multifamily (or other small commercial or self storage building) for a reasonable price and take the headache of owning rental units off your hands once and for all.


Are You Considering Selling Your Problem MultiFamily Asset?

If your property matches what we’re looking for and the areas we’re buying… we’ll make you a full market value offer.

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We’re buying multifamily assets in the  Cincinnati – Dayton area and all surrounding markets now. If you need to sell your assets quickly, connect with us… we’d love to make you a fair no-obligation no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose 🙂