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The Short Story

Since 1976, T. Argerous Filosofos has been buying thru TAF Multifamily Investments, small to medium size Multifamily assets, both for himself, with others (partners) and for others (investors) We then manage those assets, increasing the value over time, rehab or renovate as necessary and then resell the assets for a profit, ensuring minimal risk for our investors. Pretty simple really.

The Full Story!

TAF Group is a privately-capitalized real estate investment company that specializes in the acquisition and management of stabilized and value-added multifamily real estate that balance return and security by identifying assets that offer the greatest reward in exchange for an acceptable risk

TAF Group employs a simple, yet proven strategy toward property acquisition and disposition. Our acquisition criteria involves identifying investment opportunities that provide a balance of price, quality, steady cash flow, location, risk, growth potential, and rental upsides.

Within the TAF Group, our objectives are to find quality investment opportunities that achieve the optimum balance of return and safety; to operate in a manner that preservation of capital is a first priority; to provide debt financing to projects that offer the greatest reward in exchange for a measurable risk; and to return profits to our investors that exceed expectations.

We strive to be a reliable source of quality real estate investments, respected and admired by our investors, and worthy of referrals from them. We create real estate investment opportunities for individuals and institutional investors throughout the United States and Central America

TAF Group has managed a variety of partnerships that have acquired, renovated, and managed rentals properties, developed ground-up construction projects, and served as a business advisor to entrepreneurs in the real estate industry nationwide.

We have developed proven property management systems and processes to ensure high quality management and maintenance of our investment properties. Our process includes a unique blend of services, such as current market trend analysis, due diligence, best practice property management systems and protocols, and informed exit strategies.

For each offering, TAF Group forms a company to act as the owner and manager of the property, using our systems and processes to ensure high quality management and maintenance of our investment properties. With appreciation from inflation and improved operations, invested capital is expected to increase in value in the long term, and to provide high yields in the short term.

TAF Group partners with passive real estate investors seeking current income from rental operations and long term appreciation to augment total returns. Partnering with TAF Group allows investors to enjoy competitive returns and tax benefits and gain a trusted resource in the industry.

T. Argerous Filosofos began his business as a Licensed General Contractor in 1976, over time it eventually evolved into TAF Group as it is known today. As a result Mr. Filosofos uniquely qualifies TAF Group to identify, seize, and maintain profitable investment opportunities in the multifamily, commercial and other real estate domains. Applying a Contractors and Property Management approach to real estate investment ensures that the preservation of capital is a first priority, and that growth and return on investment are achieved only within acceptable risk parameters.


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